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Family budgets are made up of 2 expenses that you need to worry about and they are variable and fixed.

A fixed expense is what you need to pay and it tends to stay the same every month. A house payment, property tax, and mortgage payment is a form of fixed expenses.

A variable expense is one that you are able to change every month. Entertainment, food, transportation, and utilities are forms of variable expenses.


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You are able to add up all the money that you will be able to save by cutting back on your entertainment expenses like:

  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • Gambling
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Cigarettes

You may be amazed at how much money you may be able to save every year when you have fewer smokes or drinks.

You will start by picking an item from the list and then put how many per month, week or day that you consumer. For instance, if you have 3 cups of coffee each day and you spend $3 per cup, then you would put $3 as the cost and 3 for how many per day in the drop down menu.

The calculator will then show a yearly cost of the habit. From the above example, the cost of 3 coffees each day at $3 per cup is $3,285 each year.

In the last column, you will put how much of each item that you will give up. If you give up 2 cups of coffee each day, that means that you can save $2,190 each year.

That is not all that it does. The Guilt calculator can even let you add as many expenses as you like. It will display the yearly cost and how much you can save.

Located at the bottom of the calculator is the calculate button. Whenever this is clicked, it will display how much the yearly cost is inside of a pie chart.

If you aren’t sure what debt solution is right for you, then click at the bottom of the calculator to get a free savings estimate.

This calculator wasn’t made to tell you that you can’t enjoy the simple things that you enjoy, but it does show you how small things can add up at the end of the year.

If you have noticed that you aren’t saving a bunch of money as you wanted to, you can always find ways that you can save money without having to give up your favorite things. You can choose to cut back on what you can live without and then keep what you enjoy.

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