Credit counseling is one of the best programs when it comes to making sure that you understand how you ended up in debt and how you can avoid in the future. If you owe less than $10,000 then credit counseling would be a great option for you because it can help you to negotiate with creditors and help you to learn how to successfully manage your finances.

Those who owe more than a creditor would write off will be better going with a debt settlement as the principal reductions can lift the burden of debt quicker and get you debt free much quicker. However, credit counseling can take much longer than that.

Although, credit counseling is a great option when compared to debt consolidation or other possibilities and it will be great for you to understand just how the whole process works. Various credit counseling companies will offer different types of services, but the main services of each company involve the following:

Negotiating with Creditors: This is one of the advantages of credit counseling is that they will talk with your creditors to negotiate reduced interest rates. Lowering interest rates on debt can relieve a bit of pressure on your budget because the monthly payments will be lower. If you want to keep paying the same amount each month, you will pay off the debt quickly because most of that payment will go towards the principal.

Budgeting Assistance: The only way to get out of debt and stay there is to learn how to live on a budget. A budget will help you to keep from spending more than you earn, and thus helping you to avoid getting into deep debt. Credit counseling will teach you to create your own budget and live within that budget so that you don’t give up.

Debt Consultations: Being able to create a plan to get you out of debt will start with meeting to look over your finances. This is a similar process that comes with other debt solutions, but there are some differences as your credit will remain almost the same while bankruptcy and consumer proposal can cause you to be toxic towards any creditors for about 7 years.

Credit counselors are the middleman when it comes to paying off debt. You will pay the counselor a payment and then they will distribute it to all the creditors that way it pays off your high interest debt as quick as possible. This ensures that you don’t miss a payment and you only pay a small fee to your counselor to cover the services and the benefits that come with credit counseling.

Debt Settlement or Credit Counseling?

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